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The importance of safety and prevention in the work place

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30 May 2019
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1 June 2019

The importance of safety and prevention in the work place

In the last few days was sent to the companies of our district a communication from the ULSS 1 DOLOMITI in order to inform that over the two years 2018/19 period, is going to be activated a plan of prevention and supervision about health and safety among workers in the metal-mechanic field.

C.A.G. is part of the metal-mechanic field of Belluno district which consist of around 500 companies of several sizes and different kinds. Even our company will be therefore potentially subject of inspection by SPISAL.

As we well know, the companies of the metal-mechanic sector presents many risks of accidents especially as regard, in our specific case, the use of machines and tools. The law provide for a careful risks assessment and requires the subsequent management of the risks with technical, organizational and informative measures.

An excellent system to prevent injuries is the one to provide machineries with appropriate protective systems. For several years C.A.G. is dealing with safety, by implementing measures of upgrading of industrial machines for several companies of our territory. In our workshop we actually built mechanical shelters to prevent physical injuries. The range that we propose includes fix shelters and interlocking shelters.  Furthermore, we have installations of protection such as sensor mats, laser scan, protective system of the work area. The service that we offer to the customer that requires for an upgrading of the machines goes to the risks assessment to the final installation. Obviously, all the machines that we design and built in our workshop are already provided with all the safety equipment required.

In a labour market which is even more sensitive to the safety of workers, we wish that this action of prevention and supervision by the ULSS could be seen by the companies as an opportunity to have further information about the main risks and above all about how to prevent them in order to make every workplace as safer and healthier as possible.

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