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Is it possible to improve a machine that is already among the best in the field of tumbling in terms of performance and technologies used? This […]

Cag alongside speed up racing for the Moto2 Championship.

Precision, reliability and team are the excellence that represent our company. We found the same values ​​in the Speed ​​Up Racing team, and this prompted us […]

MIDO 2019

We will be present, even this year with HAUG, at the 49thedition of MIDO, the world’s most important spectacles exposition that will be held in Milan […]

CAG sponsors the A/R Studio indoor soccer team

In order to consolidate its presence on the territory and with the aim of prove tangibly its support to the local sport reality, CAG has decided […]

CAG: from the barn in Paderno to the new headquarter in Mel, 30 years of a successful history

For a few days, the new CAG’s headquarter in Mel is operational. For who’s founded it and who works here, it is unavoidable to think that […]

The importance of safety and prevention in the work place

In the last few days was sent to the companies of our district a communication from the ULSS 1 DOLOMITI in order to inform that over […]

Chamber of Commerce reward CAG

Work ethic: our founder Antonio Castellan accepted the “Motu Proprio” award in Treviso May the 25th, Treviso – The traditional award ceremony of work ethics and of the […]