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6 March 2020


Is it possible to improve a machine that is already among the best in the field of tumbling in terms of performance and technologies used?

This is the question we asked ourselves, thinking about our best selling tumbler, the TETRAD. The answer we have come to is that yes, a machine that is already a top of the range in the world of eyewear can also be improved.

We listened to our customers, those who use the tumbler every day in the production process, we asked ourselves about what could be the improvements to be made to the machine and thanks to months of study in the field of research and development, the design work of the engineering department and the skills of our technicians, we managed to create a machine that far exceeds the performance of standard tumbling. We can say, without a doubt, that the TETRAD -JAPAN NEW- is the tumbler currently available on the market that allows to obtain the best dry tumbling in terms of yield and processing times.

The machine is designed for the processing of parts and components made of printed and / or welded metal material. The tumbling of the parts allows to obtain an excellent result of finishing and polishing the surfaces of the pieces. Four barrels renewed in design, in chipboard and sheet metal, exploit the centrifugal force to rough and polish all types of metal frames. A mix of pastes and abrasives guarantees excellent surface quality, reducing processing times up to 50% compared to traditional tumbling systems. The frames are equipped on metal supports, which can be adapted according to the customer’s production needs. All our machines are designed to meet and satisfy customer needs, in a philosophy of customization instead of standardization. The four barrels of the TETRAD -JAPAN NEW- can be equipped, in the same production cycle, two for roughing and two for polishing. Industry 4.0 parameters are set on each machine: the technology allows you to connect the tumbler to the network, so you can remotely access all the operating data to constantly monitor its performance.

The new TETRAD requires less maintenance than the previous model. The total remaking of the frame means that the operations to be performed for periodic maintenance are more agile and faster.

The man-machine interface is more usable, the overall dimensions have been reduced and the overall performance of the machine improved.

Thanks to the collaboration between the various company functions and the strong drive for growth and innovation that distinguish us, we have managed to obtain an excellent machine in terms of performance, consumption and reliability, respecting what are the fundamental values ​​of our company: precision and flexibility , reliability, innovation.


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