Machines for the automated linear welding of aluminum

CAG has realized a linear positioner for welding of aluminum parts, to be matched with the welder for restrained batches . The advantage of our machine is to be extremely competitive from a point of view of costs compared to an industrial robot for the restricted amount of machining, while maintaining an extremely high quality level of the welding.

This allows you to set up a cycle of welding with high repeatability and accuracy, in less time than using automation . The movement is provided by a brushless motor that allows us to vary the welding speed, so that we can adapt to the most disparate requirements. The sliding of the bench occurs on special rails, which allow the maximum fluidity of movement and therefore the required accuracy.

The automatic welding machine is made according to the customer specifications for what concerns the size of the parts to be welded, so that they lay down the overall size. Indicatively the bench can be made ​​to scroll up to 2000 mm.